At present the School of Environment & Disaster Management (EDM) is situated at IRDM, RKMVERI Narendrapur Campus.

The pervasiveness of the impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident through its vivid manifestation as natural and environmental disasters and the consequent destruction of life and property. There is a perceptible dearth of skilled human resource in addressing this issue effectively by negotiating challenges at local, national and international levels. It is now a matter of high priority to develop a better understanding of environmental processes and projected climatic and meteorological trends in different geographic regions, generate spatio-temporal data on climate and disaster proneness, build predictive modelling tools for environmental impact and human health risk assessment, and innovate disaster management methodologies for micro and macro level intervention.

The School of Environment and Disaster Management (EDM) at RKMVERI puts special emphasis on the study of environmental systems in totality, thus encompassing the study of natural and man-made disasters.

In its formative phase, EDM plans to operate with the following priorities:

  1. Strengthen R&D and academic activities on the micro and macro perspectives of environmental variability and climate change impacts;
  2. Generate baseline data and specially build database for effective dissemination of information on environmental vulnerability and disaster risk mitigation;
  3. Build up a mechanism for sustainability of the EDM activity and conduct programme specific priority research projects to generate constant pool of infrastructure and logistics;
  4. Engage with the society and participate in extension activity through social partners to promote and disseminate practical guidance on EDM at the grassroots.
  5. Contribute effectively towards capacity building programmes and resource generation as well as engage in national and international collaborations with a view to greater visibility of the initiatives.

A full-fledged post graduate course on Environment & Disaster Management has been started from the academic year 2018-19. Visit IRDM Website for more information.

Current R&D Activities

    1. Climate change and human vulnerability, with reference to select districts of rural Bengal;
    2. Climate analysis and associated geo-spatial mapping of regions of states of India, with special reference to human heat stress and strain indicators;
    3. Situational analysis of rural farming methods and practices in small and marginal farm holdings;

National and International collaboration

  1. RKMVERI as a partner institute of European Commission ERUSMUS project, jointly with 14 universities from Europe and Central Asia; A programme is to be carried out at RKMVERI on Environmental Health.
  2. Department of Science & Technology (DST) funded research programme on climate change;
  3. Collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, New Delhi, in a nation-wide network programme on climate impacts (DST funded project).