The Faculty Centres are located in the branch-centres of Ramakrishna Mission in various parts of India and have been approved by University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Human Resource Development as ‘Off-campus’ Centres. As mentioned earlier, the University started its journey with one Faculty Centre at Coimbatore, and later on added more Centres. At present, therefore, we have three ‘Off-campus’ Faculty Centres. Each of the three ‘Off-campus’ Centres is devoted to a Specialized Faculty. At the Coimbatore Faculty Centre which was the first Centre of the University, a second specialized Faculty was started after a couple of years of the inception.

List of ‘Off-campus’ Faculty Centres and their Specialized Faculties / Departments are given below:

  1. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama at Narendrapur in Kolkata, West Bengal:  ‘Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD)‘.
  2. Ramakrishsna Mission Ashrama ‘Divyayan’ Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Ranchi (Morabadi), Jharkhand:  Faculty of Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development (ARTD)‘.
  3. Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu:
    1. Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE)
    2. Faculty of General & Adapted Physical Education and Yoga (GAPEY)
    3. Faculty of Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development (ARTD)
    4. Department of Computer Science (earlier known as, Faculty centre of Computer Science Applications and Research, or FYCSAR / FCSR)

The present section gives a detailed account of these Faculty Centres, the courses that are being run there and the specialities, if any, of these centres.