Scope of the Grievance Redressal Committee:

  1. The Committee shall consider only individual grievances of specific nature of students of RKMVERI raised individually by the concerned aggrieved student of RKMVERI.
  2. The Committee shall not consider any grievance of general applicability or of collective nature or raised collectively by more than one student.
  3. After receiving any application the Committee will decide on the merit of case regarding scope for further discussion.


1 One HoD / Dean Dr. Sukumar Adhikari HoD, Mathematics, Belur Campus
2 One Teacher from
each Department
(Asst. Professor, Associate
Professor, or Professor)
Dr. A. Sudha Asst. Prof., FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
3 Dr. E. Saravanan Asst. Prof., GAPEY, Coimbatore Campus
4 Mr. B. Muthu Raja Asst. Prof., FAR, Coimbatore Campus
5 Dr. Rupak Goswami Asst. Prof., IRDM, Narendrapur Campus
6 Dr. Dipankar Chatterjee Asst. Prof., IRTDM, Ranchi Campus
7 Dr. Ashish Gupta Assoc. Prof., Mathematics, Belur Campus
8 Dr. Abhijit Bandyopadhyay Assoc. Prof., Physics, Belur Campus
9 Dr. Gopikrishnan Reghu Asst. Prof., Sanskrit, Belur Campus
10 Dr. Asis Goswami HoD, Sports Sc. and Yoga, Belur Campus
11 Swami Dhyanagamyananda HoD, Comp. Sc., Belur Campus
12 Two Student representatives
from each campus
Sri Sushanta Bhattacharya Stud. Rep., Belur Campus
13 Sri Bishnupada Pal Stud. Rep., Belur Campus
14 Sri Pritam Bhattacharyya Stud. Rep., Narendrapur Campus
15 Ms. Aayushi Gupta Stud. Rep., Narendrapur Campus
16 Ms. Bhavana Stud. Rep., Ranchi Campus
17 Sri Kuldeep Rajak Stud. Rep., Ranchi Campus
18 Sri Sagara Chandra K. Stud. Rep., Coimbatore Campus
19 Sri Indhrasith R. Stud. Rep., Coimbatore Campus


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