The Academic Council, the highest academic body of the University, is responsible for ensuring the standards of academic programmes. Its members, with rich & diverse experience and background, are drawn from renowned educational institutions and well-known organisations and they advise the University in framing Regulations, Curriculum and Syllabi for its programmes. The Vice Chancellor is the Chairman of this Council.


1 Vice Chancellor Swami Sarvattomananda  
2 Deans of Faculties Dr. N. Muthaiah Dean, FDMSE,
Coimbatore Campus
3 Dr. Tapash Dasgupta Dean, IRDM, Narendrapur Campus
4 Dr. Asis Goswami Dean, School of Rehabilitation Sciences and Phy. Edu.
5 Heads of Departments (HoD) Dr. A. Raja Rajan HoD, FARE, Coimbatore Campus
6 Dr. A. Sudha Dept. of Mental Retardation, FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
7 Dr. S. Parween Dept. of Visual Impairment, FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
8 Dr. P. Ramakrishna Dept. of Hearing Impairment, FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
9 Dr. Giridharan HoD, GAPEY, Coimbatore Campus
10 Dr. Arunava Sengupta HoD, IRTDM, Ranchi Campus
11 Dr. Abhijit Bandyopadhyay HoD, Physics, Belur Campus
12 Swami Dhyanagamyananda HoD, Computer Science, Belur Campus
13 Swami Japasiddhananda HoD, Sanskrit, Belur Campus
14 Dr. Ashish Gupta HoD, Mathematics, Belur Campus
15 All Professors other than HoDs Dr. Stephan Baier Dept. of Mathematics, Belur Campus
16 Dr. P. J. Sebastian Dept. of GAPEY, Coimbatore Campus
17 Dr. Subir Ghosh Dept. of Computer Science, Belur Campus
18 Two Associate Professors
from the Departments other
than the Heads of the
Departments by rotation of seniority
Dr. Amirtham Sebastian Dept. of GAPEY, Coimbatore Campus
19 Dr. Ashish Gupta Dept. of Mathematics, Belur Campus
20 Two Assistant Professors
from the Departments
by rotation of seniority
Dr. Rupak Goswami Dept. of IRDM, Narendrapur Campus
21 Dr. Rakesh Das Dept. of Sanskrit, Belur Campus
22 Three persons from amongst
educationists of repute or
persons from any other field
related to the activities of the
Institution deemed to be University
Prof. Subhansu Bandyopadhyay Vice Chancellor, Brainware University, Kolkata
23 Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Kolkata
24 Prof. Dilip Kumar Mohanta Dept of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta
25 Three persons who are not members of the teaching
staff, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialized
Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray Director, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur
26 Prof. Somenath Ganguly Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur
27 Dr. Manas Ghosh Former Dean, IRDM, RKMVERI
28 Controller of Examinations & Registrar Swami Kaleshananda Permanent Invitee



FDMSE: Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education
IRDM: Faculty of Rural Development and Management
FARE: Faculty of Agricultural Research and Education
GAPEY: Faculty of General and Adapted Physical Education and Yoga