Common facilities at the Belur Main Campus are given below. Infrastructure specific to departments is shown on departmental websites.

  1. Hostels for outstation students. Sanskrit Department is fully residential.
  2. Residential quarters (limited) for the faculty & non-teaching staff.
  3. Spacious Central Library (with Text and Reference sections).
  4. Guided Meditation Centre & classes
  5. Campus wide network facility with wi-fi
  6. High Speed Internet (Gigabit OFC link by National Knowledge Network)
  7. Computer labs / Internet facility throughout the week
  8. State-of-the-art video-conference facilities & seminar halls
  9. Well maintained playground (Volleyball, Football, etc.)
  10. Gymnasium for Hostel students, etc.

For exhaustive listing of infrastructure of various departments please visit: Campus wise details of infrastructure academia and administration – annexure-44/