Student Satisfaction Survey:

Student Satisfaction Survey-2019-20


Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR):


Financial Reports:

  1. Annual Audited Financial Statements (as on Jan 2023)
  2. Audit Report and Audited Accounts (as on Sep 2016)

Official Reports the University has brought out:

  1. Campus wise details of Infrastructure, Academia, and Administration: Annexure 44
  2. Academic Audit Report 2005-2010
  3. ‘School of Biological Sciences’ and JIVAN Research Centre Report for the period Jan – Nov 2021


Profile of the University:



Education activities of Ramakrishna Mission (Sponsoring Society of the University) during 119 years of its existence:

Other institutions run by Sponsoring Society (Ramakrishna Mission), throughout the world, in the field of education, health, rural and tribal development, etc., for uplift of society, particularly for the underprivileged sections: Annexure 4.