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A new ‘School of Biological Sciences’ was started under the aegis of RKMVERI (Deemed-to-be-University, established and administered by Ramakrishna Mission) in the academic-year 2020-21 for the study and research in various aspects of biological sciences with special reference to bio-technology (medical biotechnology to start with), microbiology, immunology, etc.

School of Biological Sciences, the sixth school under RKMVERI ( Deemed-to-be-University ), has been conceptualised to add another dimension to the existing ones, to fulfill Swami Vivekananda’s vision of building a great university. There has been a growing academic interest in interdisciplinary courses covering the vast areas of Biological Sciences, namely Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Immunology and Medical Sciences. These disciplines are at the forefront of scientific research activities and technologies that are needed for the universal well-being in the world.

This new school of biological sciences would synergize with the already existing Department of Agricultural Biotechnology (at IRDM Faculty centre) for interdisciplinary study and research in various areas of biotechnology, with Medical Biotechnology and Immunology as its priority focus areas for the near future. Postgraduate and research programmes leading to PhD would be started to create a pool of bright young scholars and researchers in this field in the Eastern part of the country devoted to serious study and research in these fields.

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