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As an educational institution containing several departments engaged in studying a variety of subjects, RKMVERI conducts research in a diverse range of areas with differing scopes, motivations and applications. While it is not possible to compartmentalize and categorize all of this research activity while doing full justice to its diversity, the following is a broad outline of research at RKMVERI.

Research in any field involves a systematic investigation into the subject in order to establish new facts or conclusions on the subject. Research in certain subjects may involve rediscovering and preserving traditional knowledge in the subject as well as expanding and reinterpreting this knowledge to suit the needs of the present. This aspect of research is exemplified by the Department of Sanskrit and Philosophy in the Belur campus of RKMVERI. Another important aspect of research is to reinforce and enrich the classroom education of students by giving them a glimpse of the frontiers of knowledge, the method of exploration, and above all the beauty of the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. The research activity in the School of Mathematical Sciences exemplifies this characteristic of research.

Furthermore, research performed by academic institutions often involves a component of social responsibility, that is, research performed with the intention of benefiting the society that supports their existence. As an educational institution with service to humanity as one of its most cherished principles, RKMVERI places special emphasis on this aspect by devoting several of its departments to the study of subjects that fall within its thrust areas, which are areas of great social relevance. The research performed in several of the Off-campus Faculties of RKMVERI, such as Faculty of Agriculture Rural Development (earlier known as IRDM Faculty Centre) at Narendrapur (Kolkata), Faculty of Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development (earlier known as Faculty Centre of IRTDM) at Ranchi, Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE) at Coimbatore, etc., exemplify research performed with social applicability in mind. 

Detailed information on research activity at RKMVERI can be obtained from the individual school and department web-pages, which can be accessed below.

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