The organizational structure of Research and Development Cell of RKMVERI comprising of various committees for specified functions is as follows:

The aim is to:

  • Ensure functional autonomy, transparency, accountability, adaptability by strengthening interlinkages to create a conducive research environment.
  • Fostering the human elements (faculty, staff, scholars, and students), logistics (land, buildings, and facilities), knowledge resources (research equipment, project utilities, and consumables), fund flow, etc. through a steady, proficient, effective governance (Rules, Norms, and Policies) and financial (Grants and Funds) management.
  • Establishing an effective and robust Research Governance in RDC.


Names and contact details of the Director and Nodal officers of R & D Cell:


Prof. Tapash Dasgupta, Dean, School of Agriculture & Rural Development, RKMVERI
Contact: 033-24772020 (landline),

Nodal Officers:

  1. Prof. Abhijit Chakrabarti, Department of Biomedical Science and Technology, School of Biological Sciences, Narendrapur Campus of RKMVERI,
    Contact: 033-24772020 (landline),
  2. Brahmachari Atreya, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, School of Mathematical Sciences, Belur Campus of RKMVERI
    Contact: Brahmachari Atreya, 033-26549999 (landline),


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