This Hostel fees structure applies only to the Hostels at Belur Campus.

Hostel Fees for students admitted in 2020-21 session and later

Hostel Room accommodation charges per semester = INR 9000 /-
Mess charges per semester = INR 18,000 /-
Refundable Caution deposit (payable while taking admission to Hostel) = INR 3000/-

Total amount payable = INR 30,000/-

  1. This fee structure is applicable to students belonging to all programmes at Belur Campus (except those in the fully-residential-model : Intd. 5 year MA in Sanskrit and BA in Indian Heritage programmes).
  2. Hostel & Mess fee should be paid Semester-wise (one time) at the beginning of every Semester within 10 days of commencement of classes/semester.
  3. If any hostel-inmate does not avail the hostel facility for any reason (eg: project work, sickness, etc.) atleast for a period of 7 days or more he/she may obtain mess charges exemption for that duration (calculated on daily basis) by giving a letter to the Registrar along with appropriate supporting documents.
  4. Exempted Mess charges will be adjusted for the next Semester’s Hostel & Mess fee payable by the student (or refunded if the student leaves Hostel before the next semester).


  • For online fee payments through RKMVERI Fee Portal a Convenience fee of about 1.2% would be charged extra as online payment charges. This extra charge gets added automatically by the Portal to the fees payable.
  • Any delay in payment of hostel fees will attract fine as per the Institution rules.

For Belur Campus Hostel Fee refund details visit: Return and Refund Policy