Award of Degrees / Diplomas during the Annual Convocation Ceremony

RKMVERI solicits the presence of all the graduating students in the annual convocation ceremony to receive degree/ diploma in person on fulfillment of the following requirements.
  1. These instructions are meant for the Convocation ceremony conducted for students of Belur, Ranchi and Narendrapur Campuses only.
  2. Every year Convocation ceremony is usually held on 4th of July. However the exact date and the Venue are finalized/confirmed every year, so please check this.
  3. Various dates given in this page are fixed subject to convocation being held on July 4th. Any changes in dates would be published, else these dates are final.
  4. Venue is either at Belur or Narendrapur/Ranchi Campus. Venue selected every year and made known in advance.
  5. Click here to download the Convocation Form .



Instructions to the graduating students

Dear Student :
  1. Complete all the academic requirements for the award of degree/diploma in the convocation. A graduating student has to pass all the examinations and has to submit the requisite number of his/her thesis/ dissertation/ project (if applicable) as per rule of the University (Faculty Centre /Department).
  2. Clear all the outstanding dues and get the ‘No Dues’ certificate – 2 copies (in prescribed format available from the office / reception desk) from the Accounts section, Library, Department, Hostel (if applicable).
  3. Please collect the Transcript after submitting the ‘No Dues’ certificate to the office / office of the Controller of Examinations.
  4. Download the Convocation application form or get it from the Office / Reception desk. Fill up the convocation application form & get it approved by the Administrative Head / Dean/ Head of the Department/ Course Coordinator.
  5. Convocation Fee:
    1. For those receiving degree/diploma certificates in person at the Convocation: Rs.500/-
    2. For those receiving degree/diploma certificates on a date after the Convocation: Rs.1000/-
    3. For those wishing to receive degree/diploma certificates by Post : Rs.1100/- (including postal charges).
  6. Pay the fee(s) either by online (link for Belur Students) / Cash / by Demand Draft drawn in favour of the ‘RAMAKRISHNA MISSION VIVEKANANDA EDUCATIONAL & RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Belur Math’ and payable at UBI, Belur Math Branch.
  7. Submit the following to the office (Belur / Narendrapur / Ranchi).Duly filled up Convocation application form,
    1. counter foil of the pay slip (or receipt-email received for online payment),
    2. No- Dues certificate,
    3. Your Passport-size photograph.
  8. Last date of submission of the completed form :  30 June (without late fine), 1-2 July (with late fine of Rs.200/-).
  9. Know the date, time and venue of Convocation ceremony from the website or office in advance, and come with proper dress.
  10. Put on the convocation-gown (dress) and sit at the proper place (as instructed by the ceremony coordinators) quietly, 30 minutes before the convocation ceremony begins.
  11. You will be given the print out of the convocation oaths and the instructions regarding what to do.
  12. After the convocation is over there will be group photo session, please attend it and after that return the gowns to the staff / student volunteers coordinating the ceremony.
  13. After the convocation is over please collect the refreshment packet.

Management, faculty-members and staff of RKMVERI wishes all its outgoing students a bright, fruitful and fulfilling future