The Finance Committee monitors the utilization of funds and approves University’s yearly budget. The audited statement of accounts of the University comes under the scrutiny of this committee.

1 Vice Chancellor Swami Atmapriyananda Chairperson
2 Pro-Vice Chancellor Swami Sarvattomananda  
3 A person nominated by the Society/Trust Sri Joy Debnath Chartered Accountant, Internal Auditor
4 Two nominees of the Board of
Management, one of whom shall
be a member of the Board.
Swami Kirtipradananda Registrar
5 Dr. Ratnabali Banerjee Joint Secretary, UGC (Retired)
6 A representative of the UGC / MHRD Smt. Vidula Jalan Executive Director, Managalam Cement Limited, Kolkata
7 Finance Officer Swami Atmeshwarananda Secretary