Fee Refund Policy

Fees refundable upon withdrawal of admission by student:

A. If a student submits his/her withdrawal application at least 7 days prior to the commencement of classes, then the eligible fee refund is:

  1. 100% of caution money : for academic and hostel (if any)
  2. 100% ID Card fee
  3. 50% Tuition fee and all other fees

B. If a student fails to join classes and submits his/her withdrawal application after the commencement of classes, then s/he will be eligible only for the refund of 100% caution money (academic and hostel) after deduction of fines, etc. if any.


Donations received either through online (NEFT bank transfer, online payment gateway, etc.) or through Cash/DD/Cheque are not refundable except special/genuine cases. However, donation could be changed from one cause (or purpose) to another upon receipt of application (or email) from the donor within 2 weeks from the date of donation.