Inauguration of New Building ‘Atmavikas’ for Sports Science, Yoga and Fitness Centre on 31 October 2018

We are glad to notify that on 31 October 2018 (Wednesday), at 10.15 AM, the inauguration of the ‘Sports Science, Yoga and Fitness Centre’ at the Belur main campus of Swamiji’s University will be held. This building comprises five storeys and has been christened Atmavikas to mean the unfolding or realization of the pancha-atma—annamaya-atma, pranamaya-atma, manomaya-atma, vijnanamaya-atma, anandamaya-atma.

Here’s how we have planned the floor-wise distribution of the various academic components of the Sports Science, Yoga and Fitness Centre at this new building Atmavikas:

  • Ground Floor:
    Training Method Laboratory, Multi-Gym with fitness instruments included Administrative Offices, Faculty Rooms, Departmental Library for Sports Science and Yoga
  • First Floor:
    Physical Science Laboratory, Conference Hall, Class rooms, Faculty Rooms, Departmental Seminar Room (common to Sports Science and Yoga)
  • Second Floor:
    The following laboratories: Exercise Physiology and Clinical Investigation, Innovation and Fablab, Class Rooms, Research Scholars’ Room
  • Third Floor:
    The following laboratories: Bio-mechanics, Adapted Sports (for the disabled), Sports Performance Analytics, Sports Psychology, Yoga and Mental Health Research Lab (particularly for investigating the neurophysiological changes occurring in the human body due to meditation, rhythmic changing of Om and other Vedic mantras, etc.)
  • Fourth Floor:
    Department of Classical Music with special emphasis on dhrupad

Our vision is that the first four floors housing the academic components for study and research in Sports Science and Yoga will help in the unfolding (vikas) of the first four layers of the human personality, namely, annamaya-atma, pranamaya-atma, manomaya-atma and vijnanamaya-atma, while the top floor housing the Classical Music Department with special emphasis on dhrupad will help in the unfolding of the anandamay-atma.

Revered President Maharaj, Swami Smaranananda ji Maharaj, has kindly consented to inaugurate this five-storeyed building, Atmavikas, on Wednesday, 31 October 2018 at 10.15 AM. We earnestly request all our faculty members and the students of the Department of Sports Science and Yoga to attend this function. The ceremony will be simple and unsophisticated and we expect it to be over within about forty minutes. We expect to be blessed by the presence of a large number of monks including revered Trustees, Heads of Centres and others.

Swami Atmapriyananda
Vice Chancellor
Belur Main Campus of the University
20 October 2018


Note : All the students of Sports Science and Yoga will assemble in front of the new building at 9.45 AM on the day of the inauguration. They will have regular classes from 11 AM. All other students will have classes as usual from 10 AM.

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