RKMVERI Convocation 2024 – Instructions to graduating students

Award of Degrees / Diplomas during the Annual Convocation Ceremony – 2024 (on 4th July)

Venue : Nag Mahasay Hall (3rd floor, Abhedananda Convention Centre, Belur Math) [Google Map direction]
Time: 10.30 AM
Reporting and Registration Time: 9.00 AM (Note: No registration after 10 AM)


Instructions to the graduating students


We highly appreciate the presence of all graduating students at the annual convocation ceremony to personally receive their degrees/diplomas upon meeting the following requirements.

Dear Student —

  1. Successfully fulfil all academic requirements for the degree/diploma to be awarded during the convocation. This includes passing all examinations and submitting the required number of theses/dissertations/projects (if applicable) according to the rules of the University.
  2. Settle all outstanding dues and obtain the ‘No Dues’ Certificate (in prescribed format) from the accounts section/office. If you have cleared all outstanding dues you are eligible to get your transcript from the office of Controller of Examinations.
  3. Convocation Fee:
    • For those receiving degree/diploma certificates in person at the convocation: Rs.500/-
    • For those receiving degree/diploma certificates on a date after the convocation: Rs.1000/-
    • For those wishing to receive degree/diploma certificates by post: Rs.1100/- (including postal charges).
  4. Please fill out the Online Convocation form and pay Convocation fee: Click here
    (Note: You need to upload the No Dues certificate while submitting the Convocation form)
  5. The eligible candidates should submit the completed form before 01 July 2024.
  6. Please make sure to take note of the date, time, and venue of the convocation and ensure that you arrive dressed in appropriate attire. The Annual Convocation for the year 2024 is scheduled to take place on 4th July 2024 at Abhedananda Convention Centre located in the Belur Math. [Google Map direction]
  7. The registration will start at 9 AM and continue until 10 AM. The student ID card is compulsory for registration.
  8. Wear the convocation gown (dress) and quietly take your assigned seat according to the ascending order of your Registration/ID number, 30 minutes before the convocation ceremony begins.
  9. You will be provided with printed convocation oaths and given instructions on what to do.
  10. Following the conclusion of the convocation ceremony, a group photo session will be held. Kindly participate in this session and then promptly return the gowns to the university.
  11. After the convocation, please proceed to collect your refreshment packet.

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