The Fee structure for the PhD programmes at Belur Main Campus and Narendrapur Off-Campus Centre is as follows:-

a. Admission-cum-registration Fee (one time) : Rs. 3000/-
b. Semester Fees (duration 6 months) : Rs. 18000/-
c. Refundable Caution Deposit (one time) : Rs. 3000/-

Total fees to be paid during admission: 3000/- + 18000/- + 3000/- = Rs. 24000 /-
Total fees to be paid at the beginning of every subsequent semester (6 months) : Rs. 18000/-

1. For online fee payments through RKMVERI Portal a Convenience fee of Rs. 10 to 25 /- for UPI and Net Banking and 1.2% (on and average) for debit/credit cards, etc. will be charged extra as online payment charges. This extra charge gets added automatically by the Portal to the fees payable.
2. Programme fee should be paid within 10 days of the start of every semester (6 months), failing which a late fine of Rs. 100/- per week will be charged.


Applicable Programmes

At the Belur Main Campus: 

  1. PhD in Physics
  2. PhD in Mathematics
  3. PhD in Computer Science
  4. PhD in Sanskrit
  5. PhD in Sports Science
  6. PhD in Yoga

At the Narendrapur Off-Campus Centre:

  1. PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology
  2. PhD in Agriculture and Rural Development
  3. PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding
  4. PhD in Agronomy
  5. PhD in Environment and Disaster Management
  6. PhD in Medical Biotechnology


1. Application fee, Admission fees, and Course fee (Certificate courses) are to be paid through the Online Admission Portal (
2. All Student fees (like, Semester fees, Exam related fee, Misc. fee, etc.) are to be paid through the Student Portal (

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