Background of the Practice

One of the healthiest traditions at our Institution Deemed-to-be-University, a nearly century-old legacy derived from Ramakrishna Mission educational institutions nationwide, is the observance of a unique ceremony called vidyarthi-vrata-homa. This ceremony, conducted within a few weeks of a student joining the Institution, signifies the taking of vows as a knowledge-seeker, a student, a learner.


  1. Instil a strong commitment to building life, character, integrity, and ethics to contribute to nation-building.
  2. Familiarise students with the cultural and spiritual traditions of India.
  3. Develop better relationships and social integration among members of the University community, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.
  4. Orient students to campus life and the ideas and ideologies of the Ramakrishna Mission and our University.

The Context

In the current landscape of higher education, there is a dire need to orient students towards positive, age-old cultural values of India. This orientation aims to build character and steer students away from unhealthy activities such as ragging, corruption, violence, and selfishness, fostering a community of individuals with positive intentions to create a better and developed society.

The Practice

This elevating ceremony serves as our Freshers’ Welcome, where Seniors cordially accept Juniors by tying Rakhi on their hands, symbolising acceptance as their brothers. This gesture creates an atmosphere of love and harmony, countering the menace of ragging prevalent in many educational institutions. Freshers take life and society-building vows, helping them inculcate moral values that contribute to personal and national development while fostering a love for our ancient spiritual traditions.

The students pledge to adhere to five essential vows for a true knowledge-seeker, which they are charged to uphold in letter and spirit. These vows are reaffirmed at the end of their respective programs and again at convocation when they receive their degrees and diplomas, serving as a lifelong agreement and covenant.

These five vows are universal in nature and emphasise higher human values at the individual and collective level. In summary, these five vows emphasise the following values:

  1. Physical fitness, healthy living through exercise, self-restraint and pure habits
  2. Lifelong devotion to the pursuit and cultivation of knowledge and wisdom
  3. Practice of truthfulness is thought, word and deed
  4. Cultivating an attitude of selfless service, compassion and liberal outlook
  5. Striving for social cohesion and gelling in team/group endeavours, enlightened and responsible citizenship.

Evidence of Success

  1. No incidents of ragging reported on our campuses.
  2. Formation of strong, loving bonds with the University community that endure even after students leave campus.
  3. Our students are appreciated by employers not only for their intellectual abilities and skills but also for their character, behaviour, and commitment to their goals.
  4. This ceremony help students to inculcate moral values, contributing to both personal and national development, while fostering a love for our ancient spiritual tradition.

Previous Vidyarthi-vrata Ceremonies