RKMVERI provides everybody with equal opportunity irrespective of caste, creed, language, or gender. The University ensures that every staff/student inside the campus enjoys equal rights in the process of offering or receiving education. This cell looks after the related matters (if any) of depriving a student, or staff, or group of students on the basis of caste, creed, language, ethnicity, gender, or different ability.

RKMVERI has constituted the Anti-Discrimination Cell in compliance to the UGC Regulations, 2012 (Promotion of Equity in Higher Educational Institutions and Grievance Redressal) with the following members to look after the students related matters.

1 Heads of Departments Dr. N. Muthaiah HoD, FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
2 Dr. A. Raja Rajan HoD, FAR, Coimbatore Campus
3 Dr. S. Alagesan HoD, GAPEY, Coimbatore Campus
4 Dr. A. Sudha HoD, Dept. of Mental Retd. FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
5 Dr. Arnava Sen Gupta HoD, IRTDM, Ranchi Campus
6 Dr. Tapash Dasgupta HoD, IRDM, Narendrapur Campus
7 Swami Dhyanagamyananda HoD, Comp. Sc., Belur Campus
8 Swami Japasiddhananda HoD, Sanskrit, Belur Campus
9 Dr. Asis Goswami HoD, Sports Sc. and Yoga, Belur Campus
10 Dr. Debasish Gangopadhyay HoD, Physics, Belur Campus
11 Dr. Sukumar Adhikari HoD, Mathematics, Belur Campus
12 One Teacher from each
Department (Asst. Professor,
Associate Professor, or Professor)
Sri. M. Prabakaran Asst. Professor, FAR, Coimbatore Campus
13 Dr. Saumya Chandra Asst. Prof., FDMSE, Coimbatore Campus
14 Dr. Dibakar Debnath Asst. Prof., GAPEY, Coimbatore Campus
15 Sri Amitava Dutta Asst. Prof., IRDM, Narendrapur Campus
16 Dr. Deep Narayan Mukherjee Asst. Prof., IRTDM, Ranchi Campus
17 Dr. Ashish Gupta Assoc. Prof., Mathematics, Belur Campus
18 Dr. Amitava Bhattacharyya Asst. Prof., Physics, Belur Campus
19 Dr. Nagraja Bhat Asst. Prof., Sanskrit, Belur Campus
20 Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee Teaching and Res. Associate, Sports Sc.
and Yoga, Belur Campus
21 Br. Sourav Asst. Prof., Computer Sc., Belur Campus