This Hostel fees structure applies only to the Hostels at Belur Campus.

Hostel fee for the existing students (admitted in 2019-20 session or earlier)

  1. Hostel fee (Rs. 1000/-) and mess charges (Rs. 2000/-), total = INR 3000/month.
  2. From July-2020 onwards existing hostel-inmates shall pay Hostel fee Semester-wise (one time), in the beginning every Semester within 10 days of commencement of classes.
  3. Fee to be paid per Semester = INR 18,000 /-
  4. This hostel fee structure is applicable to students belonging to all programmes at Belur Campus (except those in the fully-residential-model : Intd. 5 year MA in Sanskrit and BA in Indian Heritage programmes).


  • For online fee payments through RKMVERI Fee Portal a Convenience fee of about 1.2% would be charged extra as online payment charges. This extra charge gets added automatically by the Portal to the fees payable.
  • Any delay in payment of hostel fees will attract fine as per the Institution rules.

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For Belur Campus Hostel Fee refund details visit: Return and Refund Policy