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Spiritual Heritage Programme for International Audience:Vivekdisha spiritual heritage class for the international audience

Vivekdisha is trying to cater to the needs of devotees residing in distant countries. At present, numerous devotees of Sri Ramakrishna are taking a weekly class on “Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita” (The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna) from countries like the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja), the United States of America (Cleveland, Pennsylvania, Fargo), and Canada.

Science Foundation Course at University Campus:

A foundation course in science is being offered to students of classes nine and ten. Students are given lessons on physical science and life science every Sunday morning at the university campus at Belur. Classes are conducted with the help of multimedia presentations which enable them to grasp the idea in an effective manner.

The Promise of ICT in Tele-Education: Our Experience

Our experience has been that ICT particularly has the potential to increase access to and improve the quality of education in the fields of science, value education and communicative English through videoconference interaction—in the following ways:

1) Making the lessons more concrete and appealing
2) Motivating to learn in-depth
3) Building a clear concept through pictures
4) Achieving visual realism
5) Demonstrating experiments or principles of mechanisms through videos taken from the laboratories, Science centres, operation theaters or from any other places

Download Time Table (w.e.f.  10.6.2013)

Telemedicine Initiative:

To serve the poor, we have launched a telemedicine programme. Patients regularly receive homeopathic and allopathic treatment from doctors at the University Expert Centre. Medicine is also given to patients at the Sandeshkhali centre (a remote place in West Bengal) free of cost. 

Vivekdisha telemedicine homoeopathy services to sandeshkhali

Vivekdisha telemedicine allopathy services to sandeshkhali

Occasionally, patients living in distant parts of India avail themselves of VIVEKDISHA’S telemedicine service to receive follow-up advice and treatment from medical specialists.  Our Telemedicine service is also offered in Brazil.

Vivekdisha telemedicine services to brazil


Cyclone Aila Relief 2009Vivekdisha telemedicine service during aila cyclone relief 2009

At the expert centre at Belur Math on 27 May 2009, Swami Shraddhamayanandaji (Gopal Maharaj), Head of our Belur Math 

Dispensary, was offering the usual telemedicine services. On that day, a large number of patients affected by cyclone Aila had come to our VIVEKDISHA Centre at Sandeshkhali for treatment. All the patients interacted with the Doctor Swami and received his medical advice. Most of the patients were suffering from bruises, cuts, cold and cough, diarrhoea and stomach ailments. The medicines needed for the affected had to be purchased and sent immediately to Sandeshkhali. So we contacted the Belur Math Relief Department requesting financial assistance to purchase medicines to be sent to our Sandeshkhali centre. The Relief Department gave their consent and the medicines were purchased and sent to the VIVEKDISHA Centre at Sandeshkhali the very next day, i.e., on 29 May 2009. The medicines were distributed to nearly three hundred patients. As a follow up, medicines were again sent to our VIVEKDISHA Centre at Sandeshkhali for Aila victims on 9 June 2009 from our Expert Centre (the University) as per the medical advice of Swami Shraddhamayanandaji. So far we have been able to reach nearly 500 Aila affected patients through our telemedicine service from our University Expert Centre.