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What exactly happens in an online class?

A teacher instructs using a digital notepad or multimedia presentation prepared with computer software. This is transmitted simultaneously to all the centres logged in to the University Expert Centre. At these centres, the students are able to see and hear the digital notepad and the multimedia presentations and interact with the teacher as well as students at other centres who are also participating in the online class. The teacher at the University Expert Centre or anywhere else in the world can see and interact with all the participating centres. Through videoconferencing, teachers and students at various geographically isolated centres participate in a vibrant interactive virtual classroom. Distance is truly conquered and space shrunk to create a truly ‘global village’!

Online multimedia-based class for multiple centres

Salient Features of VIVEKDISHA Online Classes:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Value Education and Communicative English for students of Classes six to ten are taught mostly through multimedia presentations i.e. through texts, pictures, animations, real visual clips, and video recordings from laboratory or operation theatres.

a) Classes are held in Bangla, the local language of West Bengal, for the students of Classes six to ten in an interactive mode for the benefit of students of several VIVEKDISHA Centres. In higher classes the medium of instruction is English.

Online class is in progress at a participating centre

Vivekdisha in class

b) In order to make the teaching-learning process not only more effective but also more joyful and fruitful, lessons are imparted mostly through multimedia for which ICT tools like PC, laptop, LCD monitor, camera, digital notepad, projectors, etc. are used.
c) Students are encouraged to interact actively to enable them to gain a proper understanding of the topic under discussion.
d) Teachers from abroad, e.g. the USA, also conduct regular classes for students in various classes.

Vivekdisha chemistry honours class from USA

Vivekdisha communicative english class from USA

e) Students are encouraged to ask questions till they gain a proper understanding of the topic under discussion.
f) Teachers from different institutions including colleges and universities are enthusiastically offering their services free of charge.
g) The time table is modified/expanded according to the feedback received from different stakeholders especially students.
h) The technique of tackling questions and the art of writing precise and relevant answers are explained with the help of vivid examples.

Youth Interaction across Various Regions:

Students in our online classes belonging to different regions of our state and other states in our country feel brotherhood and unity through interactions with a large community of eager students all studying together under one particular teacher and sharing the same study materials.

Value Education:

Values imbibed and practised in one’s own life make life valuable and joyous. In order to mould young minds right from their school days and to encourage them to strive for higher ideals in life, VIVEKDISHA has taken up this value education programme, which uses multimedia presentations to illustrate the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda for students of various age groups, followed by a lively interactive session.

Vivekdisha value education programme for youths