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Adapted Physical Education and Yoga (GAPEdY) - Admission

Courses Offered

The Faculty of General Adapted Physical Education and yoga (GAPEdY) of this university offers following research programmes, post-graduate and diploma courses during the academic year.

(Please refer to the admission notice for exact dates.)

No Course Title of the Course Duration Entry Qualification
1 MPHil Physical Education 2 / 3 years M.P.Ed / MPhil
2 MPEd Physical Education 1 year M.P.Ed / M.P.E
3 M.P.Ed Physical Education 2 years B.P.Ed / B.P.E
4 B.P.Ed Physical Education 1 year Any recognized degree
5 C.P.Ed Physical Education 2 years Plus two (HS) pass
6 PGDSO PG Diploma in Special Olympics 1 year Any recognized degree
7 PGDS PG Diploma in Fitness 1 year Any recognized degree
8 PGDY PG Diploma in Yoga 1 year Any recognized degree
9 DSO Diploma in Special Olympics 2 years Plus two (HS) pass
10 DFit Diploma in Fitness 2 years Plus two (HS) pass
11 DYog Diploma in Yoga 2 year Plus two (HS) pass

Uniqueness of the Courses

The GAPEdY has introduces the following uniqueness in its syllablus

  1. Integration of Adapted Physical Education in standard Physical Education Curriculum.
  2. Provision for value education, computers and communication skill in English.
  3. The regular physical education curriculum in MPEd, BPEd and CPEd have been designed to implement following radically innovative concept for the benefit of students.

Under the existing pattern of physical education in our country, a CPEd graduate (10+2+2) covers more than 80% syllabus of a BPEd degree (10+2+3+1). But a CPEd graduate is required to spend extra years for a Masters degree (2 yrs, MPEd) as he is required to revert back to his plus two datum, complete any bachelors degree, complete BPEd course. In the process, the diploma graduate spends 16 successful academic years [={(CPEd (12) + UG (3) + BPEd (1)}] thereby putting in extra 2 yrs as compared to students from regular stream. Moreover, a CPEd graduate is forced to re-do the 80% overlap that exist between BPEd and CPEd courses. The CPEd course mainly caters to rural students who are in need of securing immediate employment and are economically weak for pursuing higher education. It is natural that, once such financial constraints have been overcome after some years of service, the students feel the need to upgrade their academic qualification for better future prospects. Hence, to empowering economically less privileged sections of our society, the GAPEdY is offering regular courses in physical education that are designed to overcome this drawback by offering to CPEd graduate a bridge course of two years duration called Two Year Degree Credit Course to create parity with BPEd graduates. This shall enable the diploma holders direct entry in MPEd after 16 successful academic years and without compromising academic standards.